November 23, 2011

About Us

Since September of 1981 the practice has successfully serviced the Wilmington, Rehoboth Beach, and multiple locations throughout the country with skillful and proficient accounting, tax, financial and business managerial services. Through our interactive approach in dealing with our clients combined with our professional experience, thorough understanding of the Internal Revenue Code and dedication to a unyielding standard of continuing education Harvey M Strauss & Associates is able to continually offer the level of service that so many have come to experience and enjoy.

Every aspect of your future financial success is a direct result of proper tax planning and management measures.  Your gratification is our reward.  Let us assist you in attaining your financial goals, success and independence.

So go ahead and contact Harvey M Strauss & Associates today.  Make an appointment for us to review your prior records, answer that long awaited unknown or just for a new beginning.  We eagerly await the opportunity to service you, your business, trust, estate or non-profit organization.  Our office hours are user friendly and flexible.  Take a moment to become one of our extended family.